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Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate – AI-102 Practice Tests

The AI-102 Practice Tests cover all the topics in Azure’s official learning path.

The questions are similar to the real exam questions in terms of difficulty level – and by learning while practicing you’ll be ready to pass the AI-102 exam.

Exam-Ready Questions
Rated 4.6 out of 5
4.6 / 5 (19 ratings)

What’s Included

  • 370+ Questions. Last Updated: 21 July 2024
  • The questions cover all the topics in the official learning path and have a similar difficulty level to the real exam.
  • Unlimited Practice Tests
  • Each Practice Test consists of 45 questions split percentage-wise by topic and then randomly generated


Microsoft Azure AI engineers are responsible for building, managing, and deploying AI solutions on Azure. The Microsoft Azure AI Engineer exam is a comprehensive assessment covering various aspects of AI solutions on Azure, focusing on practical application, collaboration, and responsible AI practices. Candidates are expected to have hands-on experience and a deep understanding of Azure’s AI capabilities and services.
The AI-102 practice tests cover the same topics in the exact percentages as the real exam, making sure you’ll get that badge as soon as possible.
  • Plan and Manage an Azure AI Solution (15–20%)
  • Implement Decision Support Solutions (10–15%)
  • Implement Computer Vision Solutions (15–20%)
  • Implement Natural Language Processing Solutions (30–35%)
  • Implement Knowledge Mining and Document Intelligence Solutions (10–15%)
  • Implement Generative AI Solutions (10–15%)

Frequently Asked Questions

The certification is highly valued nowadays due to Azure getting more and more market share. Here are some key points about its demand and benefits:

High Demand: AI Engineers with Azure skills are in demand across industries like healthcare, finance, and retail. Companies are looking to integrate AI solutions, increasing the need for certified professionals.

Salary Potential: The average salary for an Azure AI Engineer ranges from $195,000 to $292,000 per year, including base salary and additional compensation like bonuses and stock options.

Career Advancement: Certified professionals often see salary increases, promotions, and enhanced job security. Many report feeling more confident and producing higher quality work​​.

Overall, obtaining the AI-102 certification can significantly boost your career prospects and earning potential in the growing field of AI and cloud computing.

The Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate (AI-102) exam has some recommended prerequisites to make sure candidates are prepared for the exam:

  1. Azure Fundamentals: It’s recommended to have a good understanding of Azure AI services and solutions. The Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900) certification can be beneficial.
  2. Programming Knowledge: Knowledge in at least one high-level programming language, such as Python or C#.
  3. Experience with AI and Machine Learning: Practical experience with AI and machine learning concepts and frameworks, such as scikit-learn, TensorFlow, or PyTorch.
  4. Familiarity with RESTful APIs and SDKs: Understanding how to use RESTful APIs and SDKs to build AI solutions.
  5. Knowledge of Cognitive Services: Experience with Azure Cognitive Services, including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Speech Recognition.
  6. Experience with Containers and Orchestration: Basic knowledge of containerization (e.g., Docker) and container orchestration (e.g., Kubernetes) is beneficial.
  7. Practical Experience with AI Solutions on Azure: Hands-on experience deploying AI solutions on Azure, using services such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Bot Service, and Azure Cognitive Services.

By meeting these prerequisites, you’ll be better prepared to understand and tackle the various topics covered in the AI-102 exam, including planning and managing Azure AI solutions, implementing computer vision, natural language processing, and conversational AI solutions.

The total median pay for an AI Engineer in United States is 201k USD.

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Rated 4.6 out of 5
4.6 / 5 (19 ratings)
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