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Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution – AI-102 Practice Tests

Master the essentials of Azure AI with our comprehensive practice tests. They’re designed to provide a thorough understanding of key AI concepts, by simulating real exam scenarios.

Exam-Ready Questions

Microsoft Azure AI engineers are responsible for building, managing, and deploying AI solutions on Azure.

The Microsoft Azure AI Engineer exam is a comprehensive assessment covering various aspects of AI solutions on Azure, focusing on practical application, collaboration, and responsible AI practices.

Candidates are expected to have hands-on experience and a deep understanding of Azure’s AI capabilities and services.

The AI-102 practice tests cover the same topics in the exact percentages as the real exam, making sure you’ll get that badge as soon as possible.

  • Plan and Manage an Azure AI Solution (15–20%)
  • Implement Decision Support Solutions (10–15%)
  • Implement Computer Vision Solutions (15–20%)
  • Implement Natural Language Processing Solutions (30–35%)
  • Implement Knowledge Mining and Document Intelligence Solutions (10–15%)
  • Implement Generative AI Solutions (10–15%)
  • Unlimited Practice Tests
  • Each Practice Test consists of 45 questions split percentage-wise by topic and then randomly generated
  • View the correct answers with their corresponding explanations

Practice Tests

Each time you take a test, the questions will be randomly selected and split percentage-wise by topic.