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Databricks Certified: Data Engineer Associate Certification Practice Tests

The Databricks Data Engineer Associate Practice Tests cover all the topics in Databricks’s official learning path.

The questions are similar to the real exam questions in terms of difficulty level – and by learning while practicing you’ll be ready to pass the Data Engineer Associate exam.

Exam-Ready Questions
Rated 4.7 out of 5
4.7 / 5 (3 ratings)

What’s Included

  • 290+ Questions. Last Updated: 18 July 2024
  • The questions cover all the topics in the official learning path and have a similar difficulty level to the real exam.
  • Unlimited Practice Tests
  • Each Practice Test consists of 45 questions split percentage-wise by topic and then randomly generated


The Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate exam requires understanding of the Lakehouse Platform and its workspace, its architecture, and its capabilities. It also assesses the ability to perform multi-hop architecture ETL tasks using Apache Spark SQL and Python in both batch and incrementally processed paradigms.

The exam also assesses the tester’s ability to put basic ETL pipelines and Databricks SQL queries and dashboards into production while maintaining entity permissions.

The Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate practice tests cover the same topics in the exact percentages as the real exam, making sure you’ll get that badge as soon as possible.
  • Databricks Lakehouse Platform – 24%
  • ELT With Spark SQL and Python – 29%
  • Incremental Data Processing – 22%
  • Production Pipelines – 16%
  • Data Governance – 9%

Frequently Asked Questions

The Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate certification is highly valued due to the increasing reliance on data engineering skills. Here are some key points:

  1. High Demand for Data Engineers: Professionals skilled in Databricks and data engineering are sought after in industries like finance, healthcare, and technology.
  2. Career Opportunities: This certification opens up roles such as Data Engineer, ETL Developer, and Data Analyst, essential for managing and processing large data sets.
  3. Salary Potential: Certified Data Engineers can expect competitive salaries, reflecting the high demand for their expertise.

Overall, obtaining this certification can significantly enhance your career prospects and earning potential in the field of data engineering.

For the Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate exam, it’s recommended that you have:

  1. Experience with Databricks: At least 6 months of hands-on experience performing data engineering tasks using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.
  2. Knowledge of Data Engineering Concepts: Familiarity with ETL processes, data transformation, and incremental data processing.
  3. Proficiency in SQL and Python: Ability to use Spark SQL and Python for data processing tasks.

These prerequisites will help you understand the exam content better and improve your chances of success.

The total median pay for an Databricks Data Engineer in United States is 141k USD.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5
4.7 / 5 (3 ratings)
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